Something Good - Chapter 31

Warning: Mature Content.

After leaving Harley’s parent’s house that night, they spent the night at Jay’s flat, seeing as he had begun to miss Tia. Jay had promised Harley that he would get her back for the incident at the dinner table, but even after a lot of pleading, whining and what could only be described as dirty tactics, Jay still refused to tell her what he had planned for her.

Harley was up early the next morning for work and managed to get ready without waking up Jay, who still had a few more days off before he had to do any kind of work. Not that you could really call what he did work. Singing, travelling around the world and being admired by millions of girls hardly classified as work to Harley.

She arrived early that morning, knowing that she had a meeting with Simon in a few hours. He had a new band that was going to start recording later in the week, so Harley was needed to help with the technical and musical side of things, while Simon handled the management side. After her normal chat to Mary, she walked to her office and went straight to her laptop to check her emails.

Two hours and 3 cups of coffee later and Harley had everything ready for the induction meeting. She sat back in her desk chair and sighed, feeling all her muscles instantly relax. The sound of her phone vibrating echoed through the room and she quickly answered it and pressed it to her ear.

“What do you want Mcguiness?”

She could hear him chortle from his end and smiled at the sound. “I would be offended by your hostility, but the truth is, I find it sexy.”

It was Harley’s turn to chuckle this time. “It sometimes scares me how charming you are. I have a feeling you don’t get into trouble often.”

Jay smiled at himself as he walked through the door in front of him. “You would be surprised love. Anyway, I was wondering what you were up to?”

“Nothing right now.” Harley looked at the time at the bottom of her laptop screen quickly. “I have a meeting in about half an hour.”


That was all he said before he hung up. Harley looked down at her phone quizzically, thinking about how strange her boyfriend was. It didn’t last for long though, because suddenly her office door swung open, revealing a very smug looking Jay.

“Helloooo.” He sung, closing the door behind him and walking, move like swanning, over to Harley. He perched on the edge of her desk, right in front of her so that she was sat in between his legs and crossed his arms over his chest.

Harley looked at him, and then at the door he had just come through, before back at him. “How did you get Mary to let you in here without telling me?”

The smirk still hadn’t left Jay’s face as he began to fiddle with the different office equipment on her desk. “Remember that charm you were talking about?” He looked down at his girlfriend and winked.

Harley chortled and shook her head, while standing up from her chair and batting Jay’s hands away from the stapler that he was reaching for. “No. Knowing you, you will hurt yourself with that.”

“I’m not a child.” He caught her waist before she could walk away and pulled her so that she was stood in between his legs, allowing the full effect of his pouty face to work its magic.

Harley playfully kissed his nose. “Debatable.”

She went to move away again, but Jay just tightened his grip on her and nuzzled his head into the crook of her neck. “No.”

“Jay, I have a meeting soon. And Simon banned personal visits so I could be in deep shit if he finds you in here.”

As if that would change Jay’s mind. He just smiled before beginning to kiss and suck the side of her neck, making sure to pay special attention to the sweet spot he had found the other day. When Harley showed further resistance, he wrapped his legs around her hips, keeping her securely in place as his hands ventured up her sides and into her t-shirt. Harley felt a shiver run down her spine at the feeling of his rough fingertips against her and after a few seconds, her body took over and her head fell backwards in defeat, accompanied with a moan. Her hands tangled into his hair and tugged at it rather aggressively so that Jay’s lips could meet hers.

Before they could go any further though, Mary’s voice sounded through the intercom. “Uh Harley? Simon’s on his way in.”

Harley quickly pushed off of Jay and frantically tried to straighten out her hair and outfit. “Shit. Shit. Shit.” She pulled at Jay’s shirt to make him stand up from the desk.


She narrowed her eyes at him and slapped his chest. “Not the time.” She looked around her office, realizing that there was no way she could get him out, without Simon knowing. She pointed to the gap underneath her desk. “Hide.”

Jay’s eyes widened in shock. “Are you serious?”

“Yes.” She hissed, pushing him to crouch down and get under the desk. She was thankful that the desk was big enough to accommodate his large frame, meaning that he was able to sit comfortably with his legs crossed. Although the sudden devilish smirk he wore made her slightly uneasy.

“Harley.” Simon cooed as he walked into her office without knocking, not that it surprised Harley, he never knocked.

She smiled before walking to the other side of her desk to hug him. “How’s it going?”

“Not bad, not bad.” He took a seat in the chair in front of Harley’s desk and Harley followed suit, sitting in her desk chair and rolling forward so that she was sat right in front of Jay. “I’m actually really excited about you meeting this band. I think you could really help them record something great.”

Jay smiled, thinking that he couldn’t have planned this more perfectly if he had tried. This was so much better than the payback he had though of for Harley. He had the perfect view of her legs and right now he was extremely thankful that she had decided to wear a skirt today.

“That’s awesome. What time are they coming in?” Harley continued, trying as hard as possible to ignore the fact that she had her boyfriend under her desk.

But Jay had other plans. He shuffled forward slightly and began to run his hand up her leg that was crossed over her other one. Harley’s eyes became wide and she slyly tried to smack Jay’s hands away, which only made him chuckle. Thankfully he was able to clamp his hand over his mouth just in time to cover it up.

“In about an hour. I told them a lot about you and they seem excited to work with you.” Simon gushed, clearly proud of his protégé.

Harley would have smiled, if it wasn’t for the feeling of Jay’s hands moving up her legs again. This time however, he pinched her thigh, causing her to jump slightly in her chair and uncross her legs. When Simon shot her a strange look, she cleared her throat and tried to cross her legs again, only to have Jay hold them so that she couldn’t. What made it worse was that he had managed to open them and there seemed to be no hope of her closing them again. “Sorry. Back spasm.” She tried to laugh it off, and fortunately, Simon bought it.

Jay had to hold back from laughing at her lame excuse, but soon his attention was focused again, smirking as soon as he saw Harley’s lacy black panties. One of his hands slowly made its way up the inside of her thigh, stopping just before it reached the edge of the lacy material. Harley froze, incapable of moving, let alone protesting against the feeling of Jay’s hands on her skin.

“So, are you prepared for the meeting?” Simon asked.

All Harley could do was nod, as Jay started to kiss along her thigh, where his hand had just been. Simon smiled and nodded his head, before he started to ramble on about the new band, not that Harley was actually listening. She tried to kick Jay, but somehow, he was able to catch her foot before it hit him and instead, used it to pull her towards him more. The fingers of the hand that was resting on her thigh, wriggled their way underneath the fabric of her panties and to Harley’s surprise, one started to rub her clit expertly.

“So, let’s get going and I can get you caught up before they arrive?” Simon asked, knocking Harley out of her pleasure induced trance.

“Uh…y-yeah. Sure. You go ahead, I’ll be right there.” She stuttered out, felling Jay’s finger enter her before moving in and out slowly. She didn’t know how, but she managed to stifle a moan as Simon nodded and got up from his chair.

“Could you also bring a copy of any notes you’ve taken on Jessica’s meeting?” He said, referring to another singer that Harley was working with. Harley managed to nod before he turned and left the office.

As soon as the door closed behind him, a moan slipped from her lips as she sunk back into her chair, allowing her head to fall back onto it. “I hate you so much right now.”

Jay chuckled and made his way out from under the desk, but still kept his finger pumping in and out of her. “Doesn’t look like it, Lee.”

Harley looked down at him and glared, before pulling him up so that he was standing and standing up herself. Her lips crashed against him and she didn’t even wait for permission before plunging her tongue into his mouth, not that Jay minded at all. “That was so mean.” She whispered against his lips.

A smirk rose on Jay’s face as he pressed her up against the wall behind her, lifting her skirt and moving her underwear to one side so that his thumb found her clit again. “Was? Who said I was done?” He whispered roughly before biting her earlobe playfully.

Again, one of his fingers entered her, this time being accompanied by another finger. While he picked up his pace and began to pump his fingers into her mercilessly, his face remained close to hers, allowing his lips to be close to hers, yet not giving her the satisfaction of kissing them. He could feel her breathing get faster as it fanned over his face and moved his free hand to hold both of her wrists above her head, while keeping her against the wall by pressing his chest against hers.

Suddenly, Harley could feel her knees begin to wobble and was thankful that Jay was keeping her up. The familiar pressure was building up in her abdomen and her eyes closed in anticipation. “Holy crap, Jay. I’m so close.”

“Look at me.” Jay whispered, his bottom lips swiping over her top one, teasing her with the idea of them being able to touch. When she didn’t open her eyes, her stopped the movement of his fingers. “Lee. Look at me baby.”

Harley took a deep breath and finally opened her eyes, looking directly into Jay’s now dark blue ones. She loved how dark they got when he was turned on and knowing that he was right now, only added to her pleasure. She bite her bottom lip to try and prevent the moan that was threatening to escape, from coming out.

The way she was staring back at him, her eyes hooded with pleasure and lust, could have brought Jay to his own orgasm if he wasn’t so focused on pleasing her. “Does that feel good?”

Harley nodded weakly, before resting her forehead against his, unable to find the energy to hold it up any longer. Jay paced increased even more, if that was possible and as soon as he felt Harley arch her back in anticipation of her orgasm, he gave in and kissed her with so much force that Harley found it hard to breath. But she didn’t care, at the moment, that’s all she needed. Her climax finally washed over her and Jay dropped her wrists so that he could wrap his arms around her waist to hold her up. Harley used her now free hands to dig into his hair, pulling him deeper into the kiss.

When she had calmed down, they broke away from each other, both breathing heavily while trying to recover. “You’re going to be the death of me Mcguiness.”

Jay chortled and quickly pecked her before taking a step back. He helped her by straightening out her skirt and hair, while she just watched him fuss over her hair with a grin on her face. She had never seen such a perfect man in her life and wondered what had kept her from telling him that she loved him. After he was done, he looked down at his girlfriend and kissed her one last time. “I had to get payback for last night.”

“Best payback ever.”

Jay smiled before readjusting his jeans. “Now, if you would excuse me, I need to go take care of some, uhhh, business.” He nodded his head towards his crotch making Harley giggle. “I believe you have a meeting to get to anyway.”

He turned to leave and after getting a quick kiss from Harley, followed by a slap on the butt, he left to find the closest private place to ‘take care of business.’ 

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